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Thermal imaging can be very useful in a variety of areas for example

•Pre-purchase of a new property.

•Tracing hidden pipes

•Tracing damp

•Draught proofing

•Checking the integrity of new windows and doors


Purchasing a new property

When you look at a new property you hope that what you see is what you will get. Most homeowners will have a survey of some kind which will show up certain problem.

With a thermal image camera we can identify temperature changes throughout a building. Some that should be there and some that should not. For example a minor leaking pipe in a bathroom may not be evident but may show up on thermal imaging. An overloaded electrical circuit will look no different to other cables but even if it is one degree higher in temperature it will show up on thermal imaging.

Our thermal imaging, combined with our knowledge of building can assist you in making a good choice for your future home.


Hidden pipes.

We have traced pipes for many reasons. The advantage of thermal imaging is that you can pin point pipe locations accurately saving un-necessary work digging up whole floors or removing lots of boards. It maybe you want to know where the pipes are so that you can avoid them.


Tracing damp.

You can often see a damp patch on a wall. But that maybe a result of water tracking from another area. Thermal imaging can track the damp by following minute temperature changes in the damp patch. In a tiled kitchen floor this may mean just removing one tile to get at a leaking pipe.


Draught proofing


Many homes have significant thermal inefficiencies which can be easily and cost effectively improved. We scan buildings using infrared imaging camera equipment, to capture images of heat loss.Using these images we can assess the areas of your home that suffer from poor insulation and advise on the best ways to carry out the work


Windows and doors

Often people pay a lot of money for new windows and doors. But are they fitted properly. We have seen Norwegian triple glazed windows installed perfectly except for a lack of foam around the frame causing cold spots. Some panels can look closed but the seals are poor. These are some of the evidence we can gather with thermal imaging to help you get the most from your home.

Call us now to discuss further about how our thermal imaging service can help you.

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