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Intergas heating specialists

Sometimes it’s not the boiler at fault but the but the heating system itself.

The heating system is made up of boiler, radiators, pump, port valves, programmers, thermostats, hot water cylinder, loft tank and pipes. A temperamental or noisy heating system, cold radiators or need to continually bleed them are all signs of a suffering system...

However all is not lost. With the correct diagnosis we can restore most systems back to full working order, sometimes with very little cost.


Boiler warranty

If your boiler is new enough to still be under warranty then be cautious if your heating stops working and you call out the manufacturer. Firstly warranty is only valid if you have had an annual service. Secondly, if they arrive to find that the boiler is fine and that the problem is, for example, a port valve or a pump they usually not fix these parts but charge you for a call out. With all the boilers we install we are our customer’s first port of call. We would advise as to what the problem is and whether it was a warranty issue


Boilers out of warranty.

Many older boilers are still fixable but you may find the cost of parts expensive and hard to get hold of. However we are always happy to visit and diagnose the problem. We can then advise as to whether it can be fixed and at what cost. Manufacturers often do a fixed price fix on their out of warranty boilers. If the part is expensive we may advise you to take this route, saving you money.


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